Lesson Plans!!!!

So I am a member of the facebook group that is associated with this course and as we have just started prac I was inundated with posts about the lesson plan template we have to use!! While scrolling through I found a link to The Blog Belonging to Jacqueline and found where she had written a post specifically related to the dreaded lesson plan called EDC3100 Prac Lesson Plans .

Now the thing that got me really interested was that the school that Jacqueline is doing her prac at has a lesson plan that is broken up into seven phases

Warm up → Activate Prior Knowledge → Learning Intent → Direct Teaching (“I do) → Guided and Shared Practice (“We do”) → Independent Practice (“You do”) → Summation

now as i read this the words sounded so familiar like i had heard them somewhere before

So I dive into my subconscious and start to think thats right I remember now Gradual release! this was huge in my last prac class!

So I look to find some resources that will help to explain I do, We do, You do a little more and found this

The I Do WE Do YOU Do Model Explained

So there you go something ELSE to think about while on prac!!



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