A big Thank you

So I would just like to say a big THANK YOU  to Michelle Justputtingitoutthereblog not only did she post a great link in her blog ICT for the time and resource poor about 20 ICT ideas in 20 mins. in response to me seriously freaking out about what ICT I had on offer in my classroom after […]

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Stress Busters

ok ok so with all this talk of Prac and assignments, lesson plans, children, cooking, washing, blog post and all the other stuff in between my husband looked at me this fine morning and said you need to manage your stress or it is going to eat you alive!!!! Now for anyone following my Blog […]

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Lesson Plans!!!!

So I am a member of the facebook group that is associated with this course and as we have just started prac I was inundated with posts about the lesson plan template we have to use!! While scrolling through I found a link to The Blog Belonging to Jacqueline and found where she had written a […]

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Well i am well and truly into the swing of prac day three and I am already feeling under the pump!! I read Nicoles Blog and specifically her article FUN and could totally relate to the feeling of the assignments coming out of my ears and the FUN of being on prac!! Also must be because we […]

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