So yesterday I went to meet my mentor!! I am so excited to be going on placement! I think to I am excited that I finally have a placement in Hervey Bay! (cause all of my others have been in Marybrough) Don’t get me wrong I loved my prac placement there but the drive to and from school was a killer!  The other Killer was finding someone to help me look after my two kids!!

No I was looking through my reader and from some of the other pre service teachers blogs I saw what I have to call THE BEST was to get to know your students and for them to get to know you! originally i say the post on Courtneys Blog Blog of an EDC3100 student called  Professional experience! now this was an idea I could work with to build trust knowledge and understanding of my new students so over to Michelle’s Blog Just putting it out there and bam there it is a link to 56 creative way to get to know your class!!  

Now this isn’t my first Prac either and I remember finding a website that helped…….so off to my many many folders saved on my computer to see where i would have saved this information and another BAM!

here is a link to a website that I have found that has some great activities you can use to get to know your class along with loads of others

Getting to Know your Studetns 





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