Pros and Cons

Today I read an interesting Blog by my fellow pre service teacher and blogger Courtney about how she had come across an article while doing some research on the advantages and disadvantage of using ICT in the classroom!

Not to look like I was doing no work myself I too decided to Google advantages and disadvantages (now we all know how much I love Google I mean I did an entire Blog post dedicated to it! This is the link to it if you’re interested Week 3) and what did I find

This is what I found ICT Advantages and Disadvantages Now admittedly it is from a while ago and the blog looks like it has laid dormant for quite some time now but having said that I feel like the key points made are still very relevant today!

The Blog breaks the advantages into several categories

  • General benefits
  • Benefits for teachers
  • Benefits for students
  • Benefits for parents

Now I’m not trying to brag but I did think the first three were basic but the fourth one about benefiting parents didn’t even cross my mind! the blog list things like

  • Easier communication with teachers
  • Increased involvement in education for parents

WOW! So true and something I didn’t even consider to be a PRO when thinking about integrating ICT into my CLassroom.



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