Ok so like in my last post that I am sure no one has had time to read yet (lets face it I am pumping out these blog posts at an incredible speed!!) Yesterday I had my meeting with my mentor and we talked about what ICT they have available and how and when I […]

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So yesterday I went to meet my mentor!! I am so excited to be going on placement! I think to I am excited that I finally have a placement in Hervey Bay! (cause all of my others have been in Marybrough) Don’t get me wrong I loved my prac placement there but the drive to […]

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Assignment 2

As the deadline to Assignment 2 approaches quickly!!!! OMG I feel the stress and pressure rise! Completing the learning paths have really helped me to take the assessment step by step!  As i jump form assignment to assignment I really feel that they have been a life line!  Now having said that I feel the […]

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Pros and Cons

Today I read an interesting Blog by my fellow pre service teacher and blogger Courtney about how she had come across an article while doing some research on the advantages and disadvantage of using ICT in the classroom! Not to look like I was doing no work myself I too decided to Google advantages and disadvantages (now we […]

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So my child is in a laptop class at school and I welcome the integration into the curriculum but if one thing is for sure this course EDC3100 has made me question if the class is really offering genuine integrated ICT with their laptops or if it is merely just a replacement digital medium for the […]

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Better late than Never!

Well this is my first Blog in a long time! I find the mid semester Break to come just in time for me to find my sanity again and have a well needed rest from the daily grind! Having said that I find it so hard to get back into Uni!  I think for me […]

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