“Not Yet”

So as I am scrolling through my Reader today I came across a Blog post from One of my fellow pre service teachers Just Putting it Out There  (I love the name of this blog and that she has used a catch phrase for ending every post!) about a Ted Talk available in the learning path for this week (now I will say that I didn’t see this in the learning path! I blame information overload! So I am super grateful that I read this post!!!).

The Ted Talk is title “Not Yet” Developing a growth mindset By Carol Dweck. I have put the link in here so if you have a spare 10mins I suggest you click the link and watch! Interesting stuff!

But the cherry on top is that also within the blog was  a link to an article about changing the word “Fail” to “Not Yet”.  The article list the reasons for the change as a way to boost students motivation and cut bad behaviour!

Now I am all for motivation and wanting students to succeed BUT I’m not sure if telling students “Not Yet” all the time is the right way to go about motivating them!

Here me out I mean in life you don’t go for a job interview and they say sorry but the job is ‘Not Yet” yours.

Now when I went to school and I had completed a test and I had answers marked wrong (with a red pen I might add and a cross) I was upset yes but it motivated me to work harder for the next test so I had no red crosses!!

Now if you follow my Blog you would know I like to go full circle in every post! I don’t write a draft I just sit think look, read and then write (someone once told me that made it more authentic!) I ponder the information I have just come across!

So it brings me to the question Which way of motivating students is better?

You wanna know what I think! I think like most things in teaching it comes down to……….each individual student! I think you as the teacher can make the judgment call on weather it would be beneficial to the student to be given a big fat red cross or I more sutil gentler “Not Yet”




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