Follow Up!!

So this posts is a follow up to my earlier post The Million Dollar Question!?!

I was reading some other students post regarding the question Is Technology making us antisocial? One in particular struck a chord with me.  Just Putting It out There touched on the fact that technology is making bad manners acceptable in the post Technology = Anti-social or bad manners!!!

How is it that it has now become acceptable to interrupt a conversation because you heard a chime? or stop mid sentence stare at your phone for 45 seconds and then put it down and keep talking, like nothing happened?? (those type of conversations I often refer to as the jumping CD!! You know back when your CD would skip and you would stomp on the floor and it would go again (insert laughing emoji here) seriously I just spent 10 minutes trying to do it and it still didn’t work!!!

But I mean there is a point maybe technology isn’t making us Antisocial but maybe down right rude!!!


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