Working through the learning path for this week stressing about getting all FIVE marks for what I feel has been a massive undertaking! I am frantically scribbling on a piece of paper yes linked to this linked to that yes nine post……no ten posts YES I am killing it!!

Enter the picture a post from Blog of An EDC3100 Student Courtney Howlett or more specifically Courtney’s  Week 3 Reflection post!!

FAIL or NOT YET or something like that!! hahaha (you know that is in reference to my earlier post! “Not Yet”)

Basically she has a beautifully written checklist to ensure she has completed the course requirements to get the FIVE marks I so desperately feel I need!

I used it and so I feel I needed to give her some credit,  So here is to Courtney and her checklist!! (seriously where was it at 5am this morning when I need it!)

But really thanks Courtney!





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