What a relief!

As the assignment one deadline looms I find myself reading copyright laws and information on all lesson plans I have looked at to use for my assignment!  Copyright coms, public domain and licences all the fine print I can find! To my relief when I logged onto wordpress two Blogs by fellow pre service students caught my eye.  As Nicole Henke and education517 are attempting to wrap their heads around copyright too!

First I read Nicoles Blog post Copyright! and stopped in my tracks!  The image I had used for our Introduction was straight from Google……I didn’t even question what copyright it may of contained!

So off to Google I went (now if you are following my posts you will know that I love Google and it helps me everyday!)  Information overload!!!!!!

Than I remember a post from study desk that had a link to copyright information.  I look through and find The Copyright Guide for Students from the University of Sydney !

Woohoo answers! So I took it as my duty to write this post and link to my fellow bloggers so they too can look through this website to maybe help clarify this thing called copyright!

So Nicole and education517 I hope this information helps!

Until Next Time



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