The Million Dollar Question!$!

While working through the learning path this week we had the question

Is technology making us antisocial?

Straight away I answered YES!! I mean we have all been out with a group of friends where we are staring at our phones haven’t we? Isn’t that antisocial???

Fellow Blogger and pre service teacher Steve wrote on his blog how he believe at first that technology wasn’t making us antisocial in the post Does Technology Make us Antisocial? But after reading another Fellow Bloggers post he had to reevaluate his ideals? so I clicked on the link in Steve’s Blog to take me to this blog that had enlighten Steve (Blog of Leishaluchetti)

So I am now reading Leishas post and relate to the feeling of my smartphone being an extension of me!! Wow Scary! but then I go back to Steve’s idea of connection on a global level and the statement of should we place equal emphasis on both the immediate social circle and those we have in an online sense?

And my immediate answer to this is Yes!

So is technology making as antisocial or is the way we are using technology making us antisocial? Now I’m not sure!

Then I get to the bottom of Steve’s post and there is a link to a video “Look Up”

Powerful stuff! The video is amazing and brings me back full circle

Is technology making us antisocial NO!!! Is the way we use technology making us antisocial YES!!!



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