Week 3


yep lots of people around the world use it every day, lately I have been relying on google for almost everything!

I really want to receive all five marks for what I thought was going to be a easy assessment requirement.  See I am a talker and I like to talk so writing in a non academic capacity is easy for me!

but now we need to add in links and link to other sites and other blog post and link and share and share and respond and feedly and Diigo and research…………

which brings me back to my original point


to Google I go to ask How to………….. I have asked so many How tos on Google all I need to do now is type a H and it predicts what I want to learn…….

At the start you may think this is a whinge about what we have to do in the course but alas it’s not.  All the googling had me thinking how great it is that I can confidently use google to help me find answers!

This is a skill I had to learn in my adulthood and am glad that I have……..it has made me want to ensure that my own children and children I will come to teach will possess the skills and confidence to ask google for help.


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