Week 2

So today is day one of week two and one of the requirements was to find a teacher that has a Blog that you find interesting and then post it to the Diigo EDC3100 page for everyone to see.  I did do that and after I posted the one I had found I went through some of the others that had been posted.

Well  a lovely Lady by the name of Jenny Entsch-Keith (this is her Blog I suggest you Follower her https://jentschkeith.wordpress.com/ ) had shared a Blog by the name COOL Cat Teacher Blog  (also hyperlinked for your easy access!) I clicked on the Blog and straight away I could see why Jenny had picked this Blog, the last post was “How to safely connect six year olds to the world!”

Also this blog had links to other blogs of other teachers who were sharing other resources too!!! (jackpot!)

I guess it’s just another thing I can mark down as to why ICT is so important in teaching and learning.

Until nest time.



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