The week that was

So Week one is done and dusted ………..I don’t know if I’m Happy, sad, scared or excited. (I did say I was interested in the barometer ;-/

No really I am interested in what this course has in store for me!  So here I sit at my desk on Sunday night attempting my first Reflection Blog post.  Here it goes.

This week was the first week back at uni and my first week of EDC3100.  Personally for me it is also the first week that all my courses are online (I think it is slightly ironic that I have a course all about ICT when it’s the very thing that has made me so nervous leading up to the start of uni).

Why so nervous you say?  To the untrained eye I am a natural at this Blog thing and therefore must be a whiz with ICT,  really I’m a novice at this ICT thing I mean I can fudge my way through most things but if you ask me I am technologically challenged (google is my friend).

This week I have learnt that it’s ok to have doubts about my skills and that I am not alone and that really it’s not so hard if I Just think about things logically.  ICT is all around me and it isn’t just computer algorithms and megabytes.  I should give myself a little bit more credit when it comes to ICT because I might be better than I think (confidence is key).

Reflection has never been my strong point but i can tell you I could get used to this Blogging stuff! (Its therapeutic!!)



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