ICT – yeah I know what that is….Dont I?

You here people all the time ICT this ICT that but really what is ICT ???  and more importantly for this course why is it so important that we need to have an entire course dedicated to the Pedagogy of it?

As its only week one I will try to answer the first part of the question first. What is ICT? (don’t worry I will try to answer part two but I feel I need to wait to do that effectively)

Ok so if I go to good old Wikipedia ICT is defined as: they dont really they have a few paragraphs and than they have a sneaky line shoved in there that states:

ICT has no universal definition, as “the concepts, methods and applications involved in ICT are constantly evolving on an almost daily basis

Look I know what you are all thinking before you think it……..I cant use Wikipedia its not a reputable source (lucky this isn’t an assignment and its just for my blog) but I feel that it to me really sums up ICT.  We have some idea of what ICT means in the here and now but the way advances are being made it can change with the flip of a coin or the development of an App!!

Now because I don’t like lose ends and I want to demonstrate that in fact I know what ICT is for the here and now and the future if you break it down to basics ICT is involving the use of digital technology (I think).

Hey Its Week One!



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