What a great resource!

So i have already posted about how I have a great love of Bloom’s Taxonomy in my post Blooms Digitized! So imagine my excitement when I came across a post by one of my fellow pre service teachers Courtney  introducing me to the Blooms Rose! So now not only do I have one new resource about […]

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Working through the learning path for this week stressing about getting all FIVE marks for what I feel has been a massive undertaking! I am frantically scribbling on a piece of paper yes linked to this linked to that yes nine post……no ten posts YES I am killing it!! Enter the picture a post from […]

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Follow Up!!

So this posts is a follow up to my earlier post The Million Dollar Question!?! I was reading some other students post regarding the question Is Technology making us antisocial? One in particular struck a chord with me.  Just Putting It out There touched on the fact that technology is making bad manners acceptable in the […]

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“Not Yet”

So as I am scrolling through my Reader today I came across a Blog post from One of my fellow pre service teachers Just Putting it Out There  (I love the name of this blog and that she has used a catch phrase for ending every post!) about a Ted Talk available in the learning path […]

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The Million Dollar Question!$!

While working through the learning path this week we had the question Is technology making us antisocial? Straight away I answered YES!! I mean we have all been out with a group of friends where we are staring at our phones haven’t we? Isn’t that antisocial??? Fellow Blogger and pre service teacher Steve wrote on […]

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What a relief!

As the assignment one deadline looms I find myself reading copyright laws and information on all lesson plans I have looked at to use for my assignment!  Copyright coms, public domain and licences all the fine print I can find! To my relief when I logged onto wordpress two Blogs by fellow pre service students […]

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