Done and Dusted!!

So the end has come and I am now finished my Prac!!  I had the best time at my school and my Mentor was great!  She gave me a great prac report and I was so thankful to her and all the knowledge that she had passed on to me during my Prac (on a […]

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Naplan online!

Well how cool is it that during our ICT prac it is announced that Naplan is going to be Online! (you can read more about that here from the National Assessment Program Website!) Now this got me thinking about my school’s current amount of computers and how this may affect them taking Naplan online! I […]

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Week Two

So now brings week two of Prac it is still full on and I am still out of time, energy and brain matter but the end is in sight!! Week two for me brings with it my Mentor letting me know that I will be planning the geography unit for the next two weeks……not so […]

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Words their way

So while I was on Prac i was asked to take a lesson on Words their way………no worries was my response to my mentor!! so off home I go with my plan to look at the word sort that I need to discuss with the class tomorrow. I look into Words Their Way from the good […]

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A big Thank you

So I would just like to say a big THANK YOU  to Michelle Justputtingitoutthereblog not only did she post a great link in her blog ICT for the time and resource poor about 20 ICT ideas in 20 mins. in response to me seriously freaking out about what ICT I had on offer in my classroom after […]

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Stress Busters

ok ok so with all this talk of Prac and assignments, lesson plans, children, cooking, washing, blog post and all the other stuff in between my husband looked at me this fine morning and said you need to manage your stress or it is going to eat you alive!!!! Now for anyone following my Blog […]

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